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RHS’s Class of ’08 Reunion – Kickstarter

Dear Donors,
I am seeking sponsorship for Ramapo High School’s Class of ’08 Reunion, which will take place on September 15, 2018, at “Patriot Hills” in Stony Point, NY. Our theme is “Midnight Fantasy” – Remix which was our prom’s theme back in 2008. We’re looking to raise $80,000 to cover all the expenses needed for a night to unleash.
With suicide/depression rates on a steady incline and many people from my school year losing their lives, we are starting to lose hope for ourselves. Many of us tend to have our lives planned out by the time we graduate high school and the goals we will accomplish. However, a large percent of our lives never pan out to be what we anticipated. Careers, family, and personal goals were planned out but when we fail to achieve those goals, depression and sadness become our norm. Additionally, this era of social media does not help our case. We see many of those we went to high school posting about their glamorous life making us feel inadequate in our own lives. Unfortunately, we start to think, “what am I doing with my life?”  Not to say any of it is bad, but the plans you made are not the ones you are living.

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I want this reunion to remind everyone, “IT IS OK!” Life takes its course in its own time; not your time. We all need to remember that time in life when we did not have any responsibility but your own life. We all need a cathartic flashback as to where we were and where we are now! Life may have taken its course, but we are stronger, wiser, and made it through all the crazy obstacles. The best is yet to come! Keep going, the journey is not over. That’s why I’m writing to you. Would you consider making a donation of $500 – $10,000 to help sponsor our reunion. By giving a donation, you’ll be able to help us remember that our lives are worth living and the future is brighter than ever.
In appreciation of your anticipated donation, we would like to offer you:
  • Logo and Website Link Recognition on
  • Social Media posts 
  • Verbal recognition for contributions during the opening and closing statements during the event
  • Ability to provide and display promotional items at the event
  • Logo printed on Banner decoration that will be displayed at the event
We hope that we can make this year’s event one of the best yet! 
Thank you in advance for your sponsorship! We hope to hear from you!
RHS Gryphon Class of ’08 Committee

Kickstarter Link –



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