Dear Qui Talks: I Became One With Nature!

Dear Qui Talks,

This week has been a hell of a week. I had to break things off with someone I was interested in because I knew deep down inside this was not the right time. I have been unbalanced and vibrating at a low frequency because I have been unstable with my career. Additionally, I have been fighting an internal fight with moving back to NY or staying in California. Lastly, I have been in a financial war that is killing me slowly every day because it is inhibiting me from doing everything and moving forward. So I went for a hike and became one with God and nature.

When my best friend told me about a hike she wanted to take this weekend, I jumped on that bandwagon. Hiking is something I did on a daily bases in California. That is how I lost the majority of my weight as well as become the best me. I enjoy being outdoors, especially since I never thought I would ever become that person. This was a hard hike only because it took us 6 hours to complete a 9-mile hike. However, we enjoyed every moment of it and today I feel a little better than I’ve felt in weeks.

Check out my hike!


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