#SummerWithQuiAndEmpress LIVE Podcast Recap

Finally, got the images from my past event alongside Empress Lanice of “Tha L Spot.” We decided to have a LIVE podcast event where we posed trending topic questions to the audience.


A live performance by Army & Fidzo

This event was so amazing because not only was there an intimate crowd, they were very interactive. The questions we asked seemed to hit buttons with a few of them attending guest. We had back and forth banter with the ladies and the guys. Apparently, no matter how old you get women and men will always disagree with the majority of the things we do.

Let’s not also forget the impeccable closing performance by Army & Fidzo from their latest project “#TherapySessions.”  Their performances summed up the entire night. Everything they said had to do with the everyday struggles we have to endure. Just when you think you are the only one going through the nonsense this world offers.


Qui & Empress sip their wine as the battle/debate continues!

Lastly, a huge THANK YOU, to the minority-owned cafe, “City Bear BK.” They are a newly opened intimate cafe owned by my friend and his wife, Steven Delgado.

View their menu and read more about them at www.CityBearBK.com.

For those who missed it, do not worry…Empress and I are looking to do another one of these events. Next time, bigger and better. Look out for the seasons with #QuiAndEmpress!


Ok…Now you can look at the rest of the images!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These are some of the questions that were asked!

  1. Stigma on black men being tough (Woman not want a soft man but gets mad when a man doesn’t show emotions)
  2. Stigma on women being promiscuous (Men wanting a woman who is sexually spontaneous but quick to judge those who participate)
  3. Protecting your energy/what it means to protect your energy (Hurt people, hurt people)
  4. Being allowed to disagree with someone without creating tension/ending friendships
  5. Why do men/women mess up good things?
  6. Why are we still afraid to be our most real/truest selves?
  7. Are gender roles coming back?

Talkers Tell Me What You Think!

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