Dear Qui Talks: I had a vision!

Dear Qui Talks,

During my routine meditation this morning, I had a vision. I finally saw my future. You know how they ask you, “where do you see yourself 5-10 years from now?” Many people can not answer that question because they are not sure what they want to do in life. Those who do have a plan, still are uncertain if that is their ending goal. Or those who are positive about their future are still trying to figure out the steps to get there.

Well, I am that last person. I am the one that know where my end goal is ssuppose to be but my plan is unclear. Until this morning, in the middle of my meditation. I figured out the plan to make it to my final destination. Now the only issue is how do I begin. If God can open this one door for me, I know this locomotive train will run nonstop to its final destination.

I know some of you may want to know what is my vision, however, I am always told not to share my vision with everyone. Normally I am a waterfall of words but today I plan to keep this to myself.

So for those still trying to figure things out, be patient and keep praying. He, too, has a plan for you. Even though I had a vision I can’t start on it until one thing transforms. If he can open that one door, my vision will play out so effortlessly. Pray for me y’all, as I will pray for you all!

Enjoy your Tuesday and make your dreams come to life.


A girl waiting for that door to open!


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