Dear Qui Talks: Creative Block…What I Did!

Dear Qui Talks,

I have gotten an opportunity to be on vacation for the past week. This has been the most relaxed I have been in a long time. With all of my financial struggles, career challenges, and future life decisions; it could not have come at a better time. Not a lot had changed within a week but I can definitely say that God has been moving in my life not only to put me in my purpose but to alleviate some of the obstacles hindering me from reaching my goal.

And let me be the first to tell you, “He is real and working, boy!”

For my creatives, those who have to create something out of nothing with just the power of their brain. Have you ever been so overwhelmed with your surrounding that your mind can not create anything new? You can not think of which direction to start or which path to follow because you feel like your life is either plateauing or going in circles? One advice I can give to you is GET OUT! Get out of your norm and venture to some where new. Now, I am not telling you to pack your things and move away or go on a typical vacation; although that would be ideal. Do something that will work for you personally and financially. Even if you have to take a bus two hours away from your norm for half-of- day, DO IT!

Doing something unexpected creates a diversion in your thought process which opens up a door to something new. Since having my vision, I felt as if I was stuck in the same mind set. I just keep having the same self-doubting thoughts. Let alone thoughts of how do I start or where do I start. Being able to take an unplanned vacation to Miami has open a new portal that has set me for the next mission.

Something I am realizing is that, with every new season there’s a new challenge. Some of these challenges may be easier than the last trial or harder. All I know is that God got me. So when you have a creative block, leave your norm and do something you haven’t done. Do something you know will distract you from whatever may be occurring in your present life. This opens a portal to a new idea that creates a new season. I am a living testament.

Now I am about to head home and begin my Fashion Week journey!


A Girl Defeating Creative Block!

PS: Look at the images from my unplanned vacay! Hope this inspires you to GET OUT!


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