Dear Qui Talks: 30 going on 13

Dear Qui Talks,

I have been spending the summer with my niece and little cousins. As I watch them find things to do to keep themselves entertained, it dawned on me, “I wish I were there age again!”

Have you ever looked at all of your bills and adult problems and wish you were back in high school or even the age of 7? I remember being young and telling my mom I can not wait until I was 18 or couldn’t wait to move out. Now that I have surpassed 18 and have moved out, my wishes have reversed. I wish I did not have any responsibilities but to go to school and hang out with my friends.

I now sit back and reminisce how great life used to be. I would wake up at anytime of the day; my mother would have food ready for my sister and I. The cable and internet was always payed and the lights were always on. Let’s not even start with shopping. Clothes and food came whenever I needed it. Now as an adult, I have every stress in the world. Even my health is an issue now. I used to be able to bounce back from an injury instantly. Now if I bump into the coffee table, I am out of commission for a whole day.

I wish I could have a “Freaky Friday” or a “13 Going on 30” movie moment. I would like to switch a day or two with my niece just to have no adult issues or responsibilities. Let’s see how HARD her life may be since she keeps complaining about it.

Does anyone else have the same wish I do?


A Girl Going From 30 to 13!


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