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Holiday/Hibernation Season Approaching – How To Stay In Shape!

While laying in bed last night, after being jet lagged from my flight back to NYC, I did what anyone does every night; scroll through my Instagram. While scrolling through my discovery page, I stumbled onto a page that had to do with lifestyle and fitness. I began saving a lot of the post that interest me. Before I knew it my “saved folder” was filled with post from @SarahDuffLifestyleAndFitness.

With the summer coming to an end and holiday/hibernation season approaching, our shorts and tanks are become tighter and we are about to breakout the sweats and sweaters. Of course, the only right thing to do is share some fitness and lifestyle tips with my fellow Talkers.

Let’s not allow the holiday season to take over our body this year. We have control over the way we want to look.

Ok I am done talking, look at the post I’ve saved from @SarahDuffLifestyleAndFitness.

Here are some other posts I also found on the discovery page!


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