Media Frenzy

Love & Hip Hop’s BROOKE Leaves Marcus . . . Caught Him Cheating With 5 WOMEN!!!

How many of my Talkers watch the Love and Hip Hop series? I am not going to lie, I watch this show as a guilty pleasure.

Well, for my LHH fans, you know about crazy Brooke Valentine? She has broken up with the cheating Marcus because he can’t seem to remain faithful to Brooke?

But wait a minute….didn’t he just propose to her this past Monday?

[MTO News] Brooke Valentine and Marcus from Love & Hip Hop Hollywood are officially over, MTO News has confirmed. Brooke allegedly “caught” him, cheating on her with 5 WHOLE WOMEN. Not 1,2,3 or 4 . . . but FIVE.

On the last episode of Love & Hip Hop Brooke tried to pressure Marcus into marriage – by inviting him to his own wedding. Next week, Marcus will convince Brooke that it’s NOT TIME for them to get married, and that they should wait.

Now Brooke is probably GLAD that she waited. Two days ago 5 separate women contacted Brooke – all with text messages, pictures, and uncontroverted evidence – showing that they were “dating” her fiancé Marcus.

Brooke did what she had to do – and DROPPED HIM. Look what she posted online:



On the most recent episode of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Brooke tried to get Marcus to agree to a shotgun quick wedding ON TELEVISION. Marcus was obviously caught off guard and told Brooke, “this is not how it’s supposed to go down.”

Brooke has been THIRSTY for Marcus for years now, but hopefully this latest cheating scandal will help her to finally move on once and for all.


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