Dear Qui Talks: Dating In My Early 30s Is Hard!

Dear Qui Talks,

When I was younger, dating was a game that I enjoyed for varies reason…free dinners, vain comments on how you look, spontaneous outings, and just plain being courted. Now, in my very late 20s/early 30s, dating is a task I do not feel like doing anymore.


  1. First, you have to actually find someone who you are willing to tolerate longer than 5 mins or vise versa.
  2. Second, you have to reintroduce your entire life story to someone new. Mind you, as the years go by the story builds, which turns it into an extremely long story to tell.480807305-640x640
  3. Third, you have to learn about someone else and their history.
  4. Fourth, since I am older with no kids the chances of me finding someone without any kids are slim to none.
  5. Fifth, if they do have kids, you have to deal with their baby mama drama if you plan to stay with them.bad-date-black-couple
  6. Sixth, finding someone who wants more than sex.
  7. Seventh, finding someone that actually wants to settle down is like finding a needle in a haystack nowadays.
  8. Eighth, starting all over! If you were in a relationship for a while and have to start all over, that is that most annoying thing to do. Let alone, knowing how to be single again.
  9. Ninth, parent does not make it any better because they constantly ask when will you settle down and build a family as if we are choosing to stay single and family-less.
  10. Tenth, I need to get myself together first. Adding more problems to my problem is a recipe for disaster. Who wants more stress when you already have a ton of stress knocking at your front door?


I can keep going on and on but I will end with this. Dating is a game we all love to play at the beginning of our time, however after you’ve seen and dated almost every kind of person, the game becomes annoying. If you can’t beat the game you tend to put the controllers down. Right now I am taking a break and resting my controllers. I am exhausted!


A Girl Trying To Find Prince Charming!


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