About Qui Joacin

Qui Joacin Headshot 2016 - 2 (transparent).pngQui Joacin is an on-camera personality. You name when and where; she’ll be there reporting. Qui has been in the fashion and media industry for many years. She decided to not break apart from it, but to split it into two. She now reports the latest celebrity fashion, news, and events.

While always fascinated by the industry and contemplating whether she should work in merchandising, events, or styling, it became clear to her that commentating was her calling. She was always told she had a great personality, knew how to make people feel comfortable, and has the ability to be the next Oprah.
With her first commentating gig in February 2011, Quisha transitioned her styling business, Styles By Qui, to Qui TV to Qui Talks and has worked very hard to build her name having worked with many public relation firms, production companies, events, as well as designers in creating the perfect broadcast.
Qui Talks continues to rise. Her services include commentating/hosting for advertising and media, blogs, webisodes, events, and private companies. As she always says, “Go confidently in the directions of your dreams!” That’s her motto.
Facebook: www.facebook.com/QuiTalks
Twitter: @QuiTalks
Instagram: @QuiTalks
Tumblr: QuiTalks.tumblr.com

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