About Qui Talks

The world can be a battlefield and things are ever changing. Qui Talks is here to get you through to what is current, relevant and relatable.

 With this world so ever-changing and suicide rates at a constant rise, many people are looking for an escape route; an avenue to vent and let everything out! “Dear Qui Talks”  evolved as a venting/coping mechanism when Qui was going through her dark times. The blog has not only helped her out of her funk but has helped others during their time of need. Many have commented on how reading my post have changed their minds about things they were anticipating.

Qui Talks mission to inspire all minds, young and old, to be what they truly aspire within themselves; NO MATTER WHAT!

So, please feel free to send me a message.

Thanks again. It means a lot to have all the support from everyone.

Spread the word!!!

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