Dear Qui Talks: Know Your Worth!

Dear Qui Talks, This world is ever-changing and lately, it seems to be changing for the worst. A genocide is currently taking place and we are losing control. Despite the world around us, we have to stay true to ourselves and know our worth. Many people will put you into a category because of your past and/or... Continue Reading →


Dear Qui Talks: Father’s in the House vs Out!

Dear Qui Talks, My friend and I were comparing our childhoods. I grew up in the household with a single mother, while my friend grew up in the household with both of her parents living together. My mother and my father were separated and I only saw my dad on weekends or if I needed... Continue Reading →

Dear Qui Talks: They Say Life is Short.

Dear Qui Talks, They say life is short so start living now. There are many factors to life being short. One of the main factors is life unexpected surprises (death, pregnancy, sickness.) Another main factor is that we do not start living life until a late age, so we complain about life being short. Life... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Nominated: Liebster Award

I would like to thank Deepa of SyncWithDeep for nominated me for the Liebster Award. Deepa is new to the blogging world and has been doing a great job especially with her 6-words story. She loves sharing things that make her happy and I can truly say her post makes me happy. Be sure to visit... Continue Reading →

Dear Qui Talks: Depression is Real!

Dear Qui Talks,  Depression is a word that we hear a lot. So much, that many of us tend to not take it as seriously when someone tells us they are getting depressed or is depressed. We do not want to hear our friends or family tell us they are not happy with themselves. We see them... Continue Reading →

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