Dear Qui Talks: My Misery Is Causing Harm To Others!

Dear Qui Talks, I am realizing that my chaotic life is being put on others around me. My best friend has seen how crazy things have been for me lately, that she has made a point to take me away from it and give me a day of peace. However, every time she comes around... Continue Reading →


Dear Qui Talks: I Feel Like A 90s Toy!

Dear Qui Talks, I have been feeling really overwhelmed lately. Not only am I stressed that I haven't been able to post on my website every single day like I normally do, but I have so much that needs to be completed and not enough time. I know this line sounds so cliché but when... Continue Reading →

Dear Qui Talks: It’s Not All About Me!

 Dear Qui Talks, My family and everything around it has been stressing me out since I've returned to NY. I thought I was going to come home and relax after having a stressful year and a half in California. However, I was hugely mistaken. Since returning, I have been pulled in every direction. My sister's... Continue Reading →

Dear Qui Talks: Closer = Hurt

Dear Qui Talks, They say the closer you are, the more it hurts. The further you are, the less aim the enemy has against you. Way of life! Just think about it. If you were at a shooting range if the target sheet was directly in front of you, you'd have a 100% chance of... Continue Reading →

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