Dear Qui Talks: Please, teach your kids about the African American race!

Dear Qui Talks,

I just had the craziest experience. While shopping at Whole Foods, a Caucasian little girl sitting in a shopping cart points at me and ask her mom, “What is that?”

The mother proceeded to ask her daughter, “what are you talking about honey what is what?”

The child pointed directly at me, with her finger wiggling towards my face and ask her mother again, “That…what is that?”

I looked at the little girl pointing and directly looking at me in my eyes. Her mother asked for a final time, now finally tuning in to see what her daughter is pointing too; “What are you talking about honey?”

When her mother realize that her daughter was pointing to me asking, “What is THAT?”… she was embarrassed and just turned around. Her mother did not say anything nor did she tell her daughter to stop pointing.

“Hi, I am a Black Queen. Who are you?”

So I say to you, parents, out there…you must inform your kids about all the other cultures and ethnicities that exist in this world other than their own. Your household is not what the world. So if you do not teach your kids at home about different cultures, they will grow up to not know about these cultures and make their own assumption. Which will make an “ASS” out of them. So again please teach your kid about the African-American race.

Speak to us, we can teach you. We won’t bite!

Talkers, this is for you!


Dear Qui Talks: Start Living…Stop Existing!

Dear Qui Talks,

One day, I woke up and realize that I stop living. I remember back in high school when I enjoyed every moment of my life. I did not need any alcohol or any cannabis for me to enjoy anything that happened. I actually felt alive! I felt like I was actually enjoying and living each moment and every step that I took. I even remember smells and images and places. Even in college I enjoyed every moment of my college career. Until my junior year, and then life took a hold of me.

Now, I stop see or hear anything. I’m walking and looking but I’m not seeing or hearing. I am here, I am present, but I’m not living. They tell us to stop existing and start living, but how can you start living when all your problems, bills, worries, and fears keep playing on replay in your head. How do you expect us to forget about everything going on in our life and in this world and just enjoy every moment we are living.

The funny thing about that; we know the answer. We say all the time for fun and secretly mean it, but it’s hard for us to just let go. The answer is, “Let Go, Let God!” or my favorite, “Jesus take the wheel.”

But tell me how can we allow Jesus to take the wheel, if every time we are having a little bit of fun all about you worries and fears find creative ways to creep up in our mind. I could literally just be out and about and enjoying life and all of a sudden, I turn my head and see something that just reminds me of all my problems and my entire day is ruined.

So, the question everyone keeps asking how do we start living and stop existing?

Well, what I found out is that we sincerely just have to let go. Whenever those problems decide to creep up; ignore them. They told us as kids, when someone has an issue with you just simply ignore them and move on. Why can’t we take that advice as an adult? The reason why is because it’s not someone having a problem with us, it’s ours own mind having a problem with us. So how can we ignore our own mind?

Here’s the answer, “Let go, Let God!”

Now, this is something that is not going to be easy. This is going to take a lot of practice. But as they always told us, with practice makes perfect. Its funny we complain that no one gave us a handbook on how to handle life. However, they have been giving us lessons since a child but we fail to relate those lessons to our adult life because we believe those are kid lessons. Then why are kids to happiest people on earth?

Talkers, this is for you all!

Dear Qui Talks: I am in a situationship!

Hi Qui Talks,

I am addicted to someone who doesn’t really love me. I mean he “has love” for me but he does not love me the way I love him. I used to have the feeling where I would give it up all for him, but lately, I have been thinking otherwise.

He is the first person I have been with for such a long time. The funny thing is that we do not have titles, but we have titles. Does that make sense? In the beginning, we were so into each other. We wanted to be around each other all the time. But yet we still were not official but everyone knew me as his girl. Now here comes the cheating. Well was it really cheating since we did not have a title?

That was the first time I was really heartbroken. It tore me apart. But now it doesn’t hurt as much but it still hurts. I can not get over this man. He won’t leave me alone and neither will I. But we are still not together officially. What am I doing?

Talkers, this is for you to answer!

Dear Qui Talks: My boyfriend won’t marry me after 13 years and two kids!

Hey Qui Talks,

I have been with my boyfriend for 13years. We have been with each other since the 8th grade. We have two beautiful kids together, we live with each other, and practically live a married life without a marriage. All of his friends and mine are married. People continuously ask me why am I still with him. I am starting to question that as well.

He is an amazing father and boyfriend. See, those two words do not look good together, father and boyfriend. It should read father and husband. He is the only man I have been with and I wouldn’t know what to do or where to go if we were to separate. I don’t really pressure him too much about marriage because I want him to naturally want to marry me, but how long does a girl have to wait?

We attend weddings almost every week and nothing. We just go home and continue with our marriageless life. Is it me? Does he not want to be married to me? What AM I doing wrong?

Talkers, this is for you to answer!

Effing Journey – #StartSomethingNewToday

Ever wanted to start doing something, but you thought to yourself; “Where do I start?” Or for those who know where to start, just do not.

Well, here is my message to you; START DOING SOMETHING, NOW!


Quotes About A New Week. QuotesGram by @quotesgram – Pininterest


Life begins when you make a shift. That shift, whether it be small or big, is when your journey begins. The size of the shift determines the size of your journey.

In the novel, Thirty-Three Cecils by Everett De Morierby, a man by the name Dutch has been an alcoholic. He knew what he had to do to make a shift in his life. However, while many would say, “Duh, stop drinking,” there was more to that. Not only did he stop drinking he also began journaling and stopped swearing.

book cover.png“So I’m sober today and I’m not swearing. Even if I get hit by the Number 7 bus ten minutes from now, I’ll die on one of the best days this year. I’m writing this because I was told to keep track of everything. They told me to do that before but I didn’t do it and maybe that’s the reason it didn’t work before so that’s why I’m trying it now. I’m starting this journal and I’m writing to you.”

No matter the size of your change, that change will begin a new layer of life. If you remain consistent with that change, new adventures will begin.

I know many people are stuck in a rut and have many ideas as to what they want to do with their life. Some are waiting for enough money, while others may be waiting for the right timing. Well, I am here telling you to start today. You will be surprised what you can get accomplished without money or time.



Stay tuned for the rest of this “Effing Journey!” I have so much more to tell you!

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