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New Music: Kayda & Radio3000 – Your Call

This dope ass video and song hit my inbox today – Kayda & Radio3000 – Your Call.

See for yourself……………………..

Malaysian rapper/singer Kayda Aziz collaborates with the California kid RADIO3000 on their break out smash single “Your Call”. The song is a modern day boy meets girl scenario with smooth vocals by Kayda, and catchy lyrics by RADIO. Your Call” brings two people from two different worlds together on a flirtatious rollercoaster ride.
RADIO and Kayda met at a World Cup event in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After sharing a mutual respect for each other’s music, the two went to the studio and created “Your Call”. Their campaign titled #Roadtoyourcall takes you on a journey from the creation of the song, creating a plan, trials and tribulations of chasing their dream, to dreams coming true with signing a major distribution deal with Sony Music. Together the rising stars have come up with a very cool unity between two very different cultures, through the power of music.
Without a doubt “Your Call” has a very contagious sound that will have you wanting to press reply. A fresh new international vibe mixed with a urban appeal. The hottest new song of 2017 is none other then Kayda & Radio3000’s “Your Call”
Listen to “Your Call” –

Cydnee With a C Drops ‘I’ll Be Your Chick’ Video Featuring OG Maco

[XXL Mag] Atlanta singer Cydnee With A C just teamed up with her ATL native OG Maco for the release of her new video. “I’ll Be Your Chick” is a subtle yet dope visual that captures a lot of summertime vibes as Cydnee cruises around in her drop-top Jeep with her friends, smokes a little weed. Everything comes to an end with a very chill house gathering.

Produced by D.C. native Grey Goon, the track “I’ll Be Your Chick” catches Cydnee singing about doing whatever she needs for her dream man as OG Maco adds his verse about not taking his woman for granted.

Atlanta has been breeding a lot of great talent lately and Cydnee With A C continues to prove that theory correct. Her melodic sound mixed with her sensual voice and the smoothness of the instrumental shows that there is more to this southern belle than we know. “I’ll Be Your Chick” is Cydnee With A C’s first well-known single and it’s definitely buzzing.

Check out the full video for “I’ll Be Your Chick” below.


Music Producer Evan Brown of Key Majors Flies To Atlanta To Work On Love & Hip-Hop’s Atlanta Stevie J’s Artist Alexis Branch New EP

This past weekend Evan Brown and his partner J-Track of Key Majors flew to Atlanta to produce VH1’s Love & Hip-Hop’s Stevie J’s new artist Alexis Branch EP. Alexis Branch was seen on Stevie J’s reality show Leave It To Stevie. Here’s a few Instagram links of both Key Majors (Evan Brown & J-Track) and Alexis Branch posting about the new project:


Meghan Trainor Falls Horribly During Performance At ‘Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show’ [Watch Full Video]

[Zap2It] Meghan Trainor was Jimmy Fallon’s musical guest on Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.” Appearing on the show to perform her new track, “Me Too,” the performance delivered on all the notes fans of the singer would expect. The bright and funky track really gets that toe tapping. So much so, in fact, as when the singer attempted to grab the mic after the song ended, she took a bit of a spill and hit the floor.
Our intrepid host, without missing a beat, ran up and joined her on the ground as she took a few seconds to regroup. Wiping out on national television can be a difficult thing … especially when it’s in front of the millions of people tuning into Fallon. It looks like she took the trip in stride, though, and was all smiles when she returned to her feet.
Greeted with a standing ovation from the cheering audience, it’s a wonder why more people don’t fall down on late night talk shows more often.

Watch the full performance below.


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