Reality Star Launches Natural Hair Dolls

WETV’s Cutting It In The ATL star, Mushiya Tshikuka,  has created a natural hair doll for young black girls to own a toy that looks more like them. I absolutely love this concept, HOWEVER, how are some parents going to afford a $165 doll for their daughters, just for them to destroy after a while. Kids want toys they can play with, not leave as a collectors item. Plus, Barbie goes for at least $10. Do not get me wrong, this is great concept but you may need to rethink your production cost.

[Black America Web] Jacque Reid goes Inside Her Story with Mushiya Tshikuka from We TV’s Cutting It In The ATL about the reality star’s line of dark skin dolls with natural hair, called .


“It’s lacking in our industry. We live in a society that the toys we play with shape’s our lives. I want to show them that dark skin and kinky hair is beautiful, so we have to show them. Nothing is difficult if you desire to do it. I’ve made it easy for everyone to get it.”

Click the link to hear the entire interview.




Exclusive Interview With Puma Of Black Ink

Qui Talks just had an exclusive interview with Puma of Black Ink. He opens up about issues with his wife and mother-in-law, controversy with his daughter being in his shop, why Ceasar is upset with him in next week’s episode, and how he feels about Dutchess and Donna having sex and the moans being from last season.


For those who did not see the tweet from Dutchess, see it below.


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