This Week’s Lesson: Be Proactive!

Recognize one of the major areas of insecurity in your life, and see how much it disempowers you. Then identify one small action you can take to release that insecure feeling. Your goal: To observe whether you're proactive or passive, since healing requires proactive energy.


This Week’s Lesson: Expect A Miracle

Expect a miracle. Something will come into your life that will serve your healing, so be open to it, and express gratitude when it occurs. Your goal: To know that the world becomes a vessel for the Divine when you see the Divine in all things.

This Week’s Lesson: Reflect on Pride and Ego

Acknowledge that a negative pride causes more harm and suffering to relationships and to your overall life than can be measured. Notice where you're losing power because of "false pride," and recognize that it's poison to your spirit and thus to your healing. Your goal: to reflect on matters of pride and ego.

This Week’s Lesson: Eat Healthful Foods

Eat only the foods that are good for you. Perhaps this is something you normally do, in which case you should feel very good about how well you're caring for yourself. Most people, however, know that they should be more attentive to this area, but find it difficult. Your goal: To practice healthy nutrition.

This Week’s Lesson: Reclaim Your Power

Note one reason why you give away power in your everyday life and then ask yourself if that situation is worth losing your peace of mind over. Your goal: to reclaim your power in a positive and mindful way.   Caroline Myss’s Wisdom for Healing Cards

This Week’s Lesson: Surrender To The Divine

Identify one fear that you need to surrender unconditionally into the hands of the divine-with the emphasis on "unconditional." This prayer can truly change your entire life. Your goal: To lift the burden of fear from your soul. WISDOM FOR HEALING CARDS (CAROLINE MYSS)

This Week’s Lesson: Observe Your Conversations

Observe the conversations you engage in today. Are they productive or mean-spirited? Are they filled with gossip or stimulating information? Your goals: To recognize the quality of the information you feed your mind each day. WISDOM FOR HEALING CARDS (CAROLINE MYSS)

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