This Week’s Lesson: Become “Better”

Discover one thing that would make you better and more empowered at what you do and who you are, and make it a part of your routine. If this is difficult, identify why becoming "better" is something you wouldn't want to do. Your goal: To recognize how and why you sabotage your empowerment. WISDOM FOR... Continue Reading →


This Week’s Lesson: Practice the Art of Transformation

Acknowledge one situation in your life that's taking your power. Transform that situation into something positive, and maintain that perspective as a spiritual discipline for the entire day. When your spirit slips into negativity, simply breathe and then pray your way back to an inner space of positive visualization. Your goal: To practice the art... Continue Reading →

This Week’s Lesson: Be Mindful of Conflict

Name one person with whom you have a power conflict, and write an extensive description of the nature of that struggle without assigning blame- only describe your own issues. Your goal: To become mindful that remaining in a conflict is a choice.   Wisdom for Healing Cards (Caroline Myss)

Today’s Lesson: Dare to Be Creative

Think about all the creative ideas that come to you in one day. How many do you dismiss as trivial or unproductive? Healing requires impractical and daring creativity. Your goal: To observe how you respond to your own creative voice- are you receptive or self-critical?   Wisdom for Healing Cards (Caroline Myss)

Today’s Lesson: Identify Change

Identify one small change that you've been postponing that would improve your life. This could be anything from cleaning a drawer to getting a new hairstyle. Change, symbolically, can be frightening. Your goal: To recognize that you postpone even small insignificant changes because intuitively you know that they can ignite powerful ones.   Wisdom for... Continue Reading →

Today’s Lesson: Observe Your Attitude

Determine whether you spend most of your energy in a positive or negative frame of mind. Do you have to remind yourself to be positive, or are you naturally that way? Your Goal: To become mindful of whether you're unconsciously positive or negative.   Wisdom for Healing Cards (Caroline Myss)

Today’s Lesson: Reognize Your First Thought

This is a day of intuitive practice, where you acknowledge that your first thought is your best thought and usually corresponds to your clearest intuitive voice.  Your goal: To pay attention to your intuition.   Wisdom for Healing Cards (Caroline Myss)

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