Dear Qui Talks: Start Living…Stop Existing!

Dear Qui Talks,

One day, I woke up and realize that I stop living. I remember back in high school when I enjoyed every moment of my life. I did not need any alcohol or any cannabis for me to enjoy anything that happened. I actually felt alive! I felt like I was actually enjoying and living each moment and every step that I took. I even remember smells and images and places. Even in college I enjoyed every moment of my college career. Until my junior year, and then life took a hold of me.

Now, I stop see or hear anything. I’m walking and looking but I’m not seeing or hearing. I am here, I am present, but I’m not living. They tell us to stop existing and start living, but how can you start living when all your problems, bills, worries, and fears keep playing on replay in your head. How do you expect us to forget about everything going on in our life and in this world and just enjoy every moment we are living.

The funny thing about that; we know the answer. We say all the time for fun and secretly mean it, but it’s hard for us to just let go. The answer is, “Let Go, Let God!” or my favorite, “Jesus take the wheel.”

But tell me how can we allow Jesus to take the wheel, if every time we are having a little bit of fun all about you worries and fears find creative ways to creep up in our mind. I could literally just be out and about and enjoying life and all of a sudden, I turn my head and see something that just reminds me of all my problems and my entire day is ruined.

So, the question everyone keeps asking how do we start living and stop existing?

Well, what I found out is that we sincerely just have to let go. Whenever those problems decide to creep up; ignore them. They told us as kids, when someone has an issue with you just simply ignore them and move on. Why can’t we take that advice as an adult? The reason why is because it’s not someone having a problem with us, it’s ours own mind having a problem with us. So how can we ignore our own mind?

Here’s the answer, “Let go, Let God!”

Now, this is something that is not going to be easy. This is going to take a lot of practice. But as they always told us, with practice makes perfect. Its funny we complain that no one gave us a handbook on how to handle life. However, they have been giving us lessons since a child but we fail to relate those lessons to our adult life because we believe those are kid lessons. Then why are kids to happiest people on earth?

Talkers, this is for you all!


Premiere of the show “SESSION”

A show that conducts Q&A interviews in a recording studio, performs live music, takes you on a journey through events and educates the audience on the joy that comes from the music.

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Valentine’s Day DIY [Gifts For Him & Her]

It’s all in the name of love- from proposals to teddy bears Valentines Day is all about showing your love in the most conspicuous way. Sometimes you have to get a little creative when it comes to expressing your love because the regular chocolates and roses can get monotonous. Qui and Garcelle get your creative love juices flowing with a Vday Do It Yourself or as we at SmallTalk like to say, Qui It Yourself. Garcelle and Qui show you how to make tickle your partner’s five senses with handcrafted oils massage oils and a fun love couples coupon book and some more goodies in between. This episode will teach how to create fun love tools and learn about your partner in ways you haven’t explored or yet.

small TALK – At Home Workout During The Cold Winter [s1e4]

We all want to be healthier in some shape or form, speaking of shape that’s usually the first place we start. Our small talkers are ready to take on fitness with the talented certified fitness trainer  Kristie Alicea also known as “Killer Kristie.”
In this episode, Kristie teaches Qui, Garcelle, Ryan and of course, all of you smalltalkers, some movements and workouts you can do at home while you binge watch this season. With a mix of Pilates and high interval training, Kristie shows us how to get our heart rate up so we can stay summer time fine all year long, without going all the way to the gym.
By the way, you’ll cringe and laugh watching Garcelle and Ryan trying to keep up.

Racism Talk…Curb Your Reaction [s1e3]

Just when you think you take a couple steps forward some forces comes around and pushes you ten steps back- that’s kind pretty much the story when it comes to this country’s soon to be president. This week Ryan, Garcelle and Qui talk about the different experiences that tested every ounce of their character & had to remain “above” that antagonizing force that pulls you back. In the current racial climate of America, the experiences are not new tales their just taking place in new times.

#LimitPhoneUsage -[Watch] s1e2

We all keep our heads buried in our phones day in and day out- sharing memes, personal photos or articles we are constantly connected to an online world. In SmallTalk’s next episode Garcelle, Qui and Ryan chat about REAL FaceTime- what’s acceptable when having real convos and your phone keeps vibrating, or when your on a date and want to check your comments and like.
Watch the SmallTalkers as they tell everyone to simply PUT YOUR PHONES DOWN!

small TALK – Dating In 2017 [Watch]

Whether it’s being too busy or someone being too vain, we all make a ton of excuses as to why we haven’t been successful in the department of romance. 2017 has just arrived so let’s see what Garcelle, Qui and Ryan have to say about dating in this new age of everything being in our pockets, social media being the new way to judge, the shift and/or the diminishing of gender roles, and of course chivalry. Tell us what you’re thinking about and watch us talk about it on this episode!!!

Meghan Trainor Falls Horribly During Performance At ‘Jimmy Fallon The Tonight Show’ [Watch Full Video]

[Zap2It] Meghan Trainor was Jimmy Fallon’s musical guest on Thursday’s episode of “The Tonight Show.” Appearing on the show to perform her new track, “Me Too,” the performance delivered on all the notes fans of the singer would expect. The bright and funky track really gets that toe tapping. So much so, in fact, as when the singer attempted to grab the mic after the song ended, she took a bit of a spill and hit the floor.
Our intrepid host, without missing a beat, ran up and joined her on the ground as she took a few seconds to regroup. Wiping out on national television can be a difficult thing … especially when it’s in front of the millions of people tuning into Fallon. It looks like she took the trip in stride, though, and was all smiles when she returned to her feet.
Greeted with a standing ovation from the cheering audience, it’s a wonder why more people don’t fall down on late night talk shows more often.

Watch the full performance below.


Exclusive Interview With Puma Of Black Ink

Qui Talks just had an exclusive interview with Puma of Black Ink. He opens up about issues with his wife and mother-in-law, controversy with his daughter being in his shop, why Ceasar is upset with him in next week’s episode, and how he feels about Dutchess and Donna having sex and the moans being from last season.


For those who did not see the tweet from Dutchess, see it below.


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