Mieka Joi of Rich Girl Candy & Project Runways Samantha Black SS16 Runway Show

Designer Mieka Joi of Rich Girl Candy and Project Runways Samantha Black had a fashion show last night. Overall, the night was filled with a hand full of celebrity and friends, as well as fashion, of course. Fashion was just not on the runway, but everyone that attended the event was fashionably in style. Even... Continue Reading →


Heart & Noble SS16 Presentation

My last day of fashion week ended with a few designers. Amongst the few was, Heart & Noble. How many of you guys remember as a kid when you would create small images with beads and iron them to stay together. Well, Heart and Noble is the adult version. I must say, I like the adult... Continue Reading →

Styles By Qui is now on WordPress

HEY, GUESS WHAT!!! Styles By Qui is now on WordPress. Tune in daily, especially during fashion week, to get the latest news and fashion info on what is going on either on or off location of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week. Make sure to leave comments and suggestions on what you want examined. I am super excited... Continue Reading →

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