‘Dear Qui Talks’ Podcast now on iHeart Radio!

Hey Talkers, Guess what?!? Well, you already know from the title. My podcast is now on iHeart radio!💃💃 If you haven't heard any episodes, be sure to follow and listen to it on iHeart Radio. Also, I will be starting a summer campaign #URNotDOnly1. Listen to the announcement and surprise tomorrow! I will not tell you... Continue Reading →


Qui Talks Featured in Tha L. Spot Magazine

Hey Talkers,  Check out my interview with Tha L. Spot Magazine!  Thank You, Tha L. Spot for featuring me and my co-host in your June 2018 edition! I am trully grateful! - Qui Talks💕 -   Check out Tha L. Spot! You can purchase your print or digital copy, HERE! Buy Print: $8.00 Buy Digital:... Continue Reading →

Hello World!

Hey Talkers, Since moving to Los Angeles and facing many trials; I've removed myself from social media and all things that required me to be in the public eye. I wasn't happy or sure with the direction of my career and life. I felt like I didn't know who I was anymore. I know this... Continue Reading →

Workaholic vs Hating Your Job [s1e10]

We have all had those days where you get to work to only countdown the hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds until it's time to go; a problem arises when you find that happening just about every day. Qui, Garcelle and Ryan talk about pursuing dreams and paying those very real bills with a job... Continue Reading →

Racism Talk…Curb Your Reaction [s1e3]

Just when you think you take a couple steps forward some forces comes around and pushes you ten steps back- that's kind pretty much the story when it comes to this country's soon to be president. This week Ryan, Garcelle and Qui talk about the different experiences that tested every ounce of their character & had... Continue Reading →

#LimitPhoneUsage -[Watch] s1e2

We all keep our heads buried in our phones day in and day out- sharing memes, personal photos or articles we are constantly connected to an online world. In SmallTalk’s next episode Garcelle, Qui and Ryan chat about REAL FaceTime- what’s acceptable when having real convos and your phone keeps vibrating, or when your on […]

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