Dear Qui Talks: Start Living…Stop Existing!

Dear Qui Talks, One day, I woke up and realize that I stop living. I remember back in high school when I enjoyed every moment of my life. I did not need any alcohol or any cannabis for me to enjoy anything that happened. I actually felt alive! I felt like I was actually enjoying... Continue Reading →


Dear Qui Talks: Friends, Family…Depression

Dear Qui Talks, I am writing to you because depression seems to be a new norm for many people. With everything going on in this world nowadays, many people can't seem to find a way out of their current unhappy state. Social media doesn't make it any better because you see how great everybody else's... Continue Reading →

Dear Qui Talks: Happiness vs Joy

Dear Qui Talks, As I sit back and watch this world. Many seems to be missing something significant in their lives. Many are looking happiness. And when they do find happiness, it never last. We having been hearing for years, "what goes up must come down." We have associated that phrase with our lives. We... Continue Reading →

Workaholic vs Hating Your Job [s1e10]

We have all had those days where you get to work to only countdown the hours, minutes, seconds and even milliseconds until it's time to go; a problem arises when you find that happening just about every day. Qui, Garcelle and Ryan talk about pursuing dreams and paying those very real bills with a job... Continue Reading →

#LimitPhoneUsage -[Watch] s1e2

We all keep our heads buried in our phones day in and day out- sharing memes, personal photos or articles we are constantly connected to an online world. In SmallTalk’s next episode Garcelle, Qui and Ryan chat about REAL FaceTime- what’s acceptable when having real convos and your phone keeps vibrating, or when your on […]

‘small TALK’ Coming Soon!

  COMING THIS JANUARY! The casual everyday, "hey how's it going?" never gets a genuine response- Small Talk is here to break down those every day topics that rarely make it past your daily greetings. With your hosts Qui, Garcelle and Ryan- they'll give you the most detailed insight on life's everyday realities with jokes,... Continue Reading →

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